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    Out of Darkness, Trials and Ordeals

    Trials and Ordeals, Even as a Man in a relationship to the world and the Abrahamic gods, inflict that on each. True, privilege afforded males in this culture is sickening. More sickening when the not men males go unpunished for their offenses. Men, who fight for what is right, their sanity, to push for a good fight, unapplauded, unappreciated, abused and forgotten, being used only for what they can bring to the table, communty, corporations and family, trudge forward. Women as well as men, trudge forward holding on to what is nugget of gold of self, the soul, the essence of self, through all the initiations, trials and ordeals, regardless of the world dragging us through, down all the filth, thorns and scorns. As a man, we are required to do it silently.

    I as a fool of a 14 year old, fasted over 40 days , prayed and asked god for wisdom of Solomon. I got a manifestation, an answer, and told I’d be released in 32 years. The list of small and large calamities I endured, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, I have forgotten most of it and who cares. I liken it to a millstone around my neck thrown into the middle of the ocean swarming with monsters, between leviathan like and swarms of flesh and spirit eating beings, and told to survive.

    In Sumerian lore, heroes who dared to use magic, had to endure drowning in the river of Huber, a death or initiation.

    Survival and attainment was not the objective of this god, My death and oblivion was its goal for millenia. And yet, under its’ own geas, my prayers must be answered and fulfilled, as its own promise in its own make up of being a god.

    Thirtytwo years later, I survived, my life achieved a degree of normalcy. The normal hell and damnation that humans suffer, was enjoyed for its normalcy. And then I was able to find and know the actual name, nature and history of this god. A god that sacrifices his own children, his father, and all others in a sadistic theatre of sacrifice more potent than mere human’s worship. Yet still demanding it while setting the patterns of evil abuse in every walk of life of a human to feed even more from. Usurping gods’ names their philosophies and religions with a demon lawyer, and revisionist history worse than any demon can devise.

    I survived. I have kyphosis, scoliosis from that teenage fast, and have pictures to show that I am indeed twisted.

    In that dark nightmare of life, and all of its metaphorical and literal hells that exist while living, prepare us for the beyond. In the absolute darkness and at the edge of oblivion, there, that star, our soul, shines from the beauty of its relationship to the universe that beautiful in every aspect. In that darkness our light and the universe, is the hammer and anvil where we forge our souls. In the cauldron we are purified and poured back into the abyss over and over again. Yet here we are, survivors of trials and ordeals. Then we knowing ourselves and this truth, we see the stars of illumination of other survivors, who become gods, both large and small.

    Women’s trials and ordeals, or anyone’s elses, we were made to feel isolated, alone, and naked against the encroaching dark. When we fail to be blinded by it all, we just have to look into the eyes and the heart of those who are marked by the same initiations from the perspectives of the other side of the universe, to feel the love, admiration and awe of our sisters and brothers born out of this darkness only to carry our own light, and to each admire the light in others. Like Hecate, let us be like torch bearers. All other bringers of light, we shall see them for their truths. One way or another we are all covered in pain and blood.

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    Evolve Ye We Gods!

    Eternal husks of stardust,

    All dancing on the pinhead

    of planes all woven on it

    known as earth.

    Oh our womb of Earth,

    Oh father of chaos and the heavens,

    by love, and honest sharing,

    of all spirit, bound in the weaving,

    count and retell our tales,

    even to our selves.

    Our hymns and hagiographies

    weave a new reality,

    worship our evolutions.

    Oh Gods be not ossified with countless prayers of slaves.

    Be Gods ever evolving, walking with each other,

    in the Ether, or incarnate.

    Draw the breath of air and astral,

    Forge our souls, over and over,

    create astral edifices that live and breath and evolve.

    Lest we too, hold to what was and anchor it in the ends of the hells of our own making.

    Be not trapped in artifacts of space and time.

    Stretch forth forward dance new dances, embrace new patterns, evolve a living egregore that tests and stretches us.

    Eat or be eaten,

    Sacrifice and Offering, accepted and given.

    Demand evolution, and we all can ride that wave.

    Worship our process, and it will worship us, them, us all.

    May we evolve.

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    A Tribe in the Making – Sacred Space Conference

    There is a treasure, beautiful, a natural resource, that deserves to be cherished and nourished. This treasure is in plain site and is hidden by those who should see it and who don’t know what to look for.

    If I can say how great my experience was at my first Sacred Space Foundation conference this last weekend, April 6 – 9, 2023 it is due to the following.

    Every Elder of any tradition, Priest or Priestess needs to make the pilgrimage to it. Do it soon. It would behoove every coven, group or conclave by any name, to make it affordable for at least one of their leaders to be there.

    The reason isn’t for the great rituals, classes, presenters or simply communing with people related faiths. It is for getting a feeling for and seeing Community, Leadership in action and in service to the community, and the Hospitality of not only the conference but the whole Egregore that they are part of.

    They are in my every estimation the birth of a tribe. I proposed on giving a paper of the need for and understanding of what a tribe is, as well as, how it is needed for building a societal model for the future of mankind. Not just for pagans, local communities, states, but it should be for nations and the world. I explain how we as a people, from the beginning of civilization have been poisoned by corporate, feudal mobocracies. I have published it as a previous blog here. https://archonstone.wordpress.com/2023/04/11/tribes-for-the-future-a-pagan-perspective/

    What was it that had me see a tribe there? https://www.sacredwheel.org/ The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. I was in one class, on Thursday: Falcons & Gryphons: On Using Orders within Groups. They spoke on these orders being seen to be needed by their “Leadership“. Here are things that I have seen pagans treat as an Anathema: Leadership, Organizations, Structures. And here it is working, evolved into and still growing strong since 1984. Not having been living in the Mid-Atlantic states, nor been at these covens, conferences or part of its inception, I am an outsider. I have been working to wrap my brain and heart around this need. Pagans have been looking for these and at the same time fighting against them. And here it has evolved.

    Tribes are comprised of clans of families and communities of people. There are collections of different religious beliefs and practices. There are Guilds and orders that intersect these clans and religious societies (covens). There is a warp and woof a weaving of community, practice and organizations by need. There are respected leaders, humble and serving the community. That is the core of it. There is a core group of Elders and Leaders trusted by their service and integrity. They serve without hubris, they walk in their power. This is why people so inundated with corporate western culture don’t see it. They are on the lookout for “power over”, selfish, power self-serving people, and organizational control, and they implode. People don’t look for something they have never seen, never anticipate, and with the lack of definition or understanding, we don’t see what we don’t understand. This is why coven and group leaders; priestesses and priests need to see it in action. They need to feel it, commune with it and the people.

    See it, feel it, be it.

    The opening ritual, not only invoking Athena and Thoth, to bring wisdom, they invoked an egregore. This egregore is part of the people of the Assembly of Sacred Space and Between the Worlds groups, but more. The egregore for the conference includes the ancient and tribal ideals of hospitality, wisdom, leadership, and our sacred right of sacred people for apotheosis.

    The main ritual was a pageant. I have seen really good powerful rituals. This was on another order. It was more than just power, and the gods. They invoked the universe, the powers, the sun and moon, sacred teachers, and five virtues, Love, Truth, Honor, Courage and I think it was Wisdom. It is to say something that I was overwhelmed. But we all participated. We wove our will into the navel of the world, with all this intent, into the world and back into us, to claim our power, our crowns, our apotheosis, to go back to serve the world and the virtues.

    Back to the class of the Orders of the Gryphons and Falcons. The leadership at the time saw a need for a group of powerful magicians with the ability to move and exercise energy to protect the Assembly. They have a charter, a set of rules, and this prevents people from exercising hubris, ego that would destroy it. It has survived. I have watched their members in action. In the Main Ritual, the Gryphons cast the circle, contained it and protected it. I have not seen anyone or group to do it so well, ever. It was more than I could have managed. I have had to balance out elements of rituals and add to the circle to make them effective, even if I was not one of the officiants. They protect from energy vampires. They serve the community, to help others, with clearings, dealing with entities, and they do it willingly with advisement. This brings in the Order of Falcons. The Falcons are the seers and psychics that get the sight to an excellent degree to divine or psychically understand situations. They communicate with each other and the Gryphons, to understand what things may be: Good, Bad and Indifferent. They come to a conclusion on what to do about situations magic people and pagans run into. Granted, they steer clear of personal drama. When Therapists and Counselors are needed instead or in addition to, they make those recommendations. There is common sense, humility, yet a commitment to the community and each other to do it right, not only for themselves but also as a reflection of the community as a whole.

    Between the Gryphon and Falcon you see the traditional working pairings of Magician and Seer, but in a group format.

    The Falcons foresee where Gryphons are needed, and they do the work. I am an odd duck energetically. The work of developing my skills, I will radiate power in my aura, or it is hidden. If you detect what is hidden you become wary. One Falcon was keeping an eye on me all weekend. The one class that should have been labeled a ritual, was on Nagas as the fifth elemental. I guess it was a way of presenting conceptually beings that don’t fit definitions of Gods, Wights, Angels, Demons nor Ancestors. In my tradition we do work with beings that exist on other planes and these types of beings that exist through many planes. They are interdimensional or multiplanar beings depending on your definition. When she presented the being to commune with us, that would or should put peoples hackles up. It didn’t for me. However, I present myself in multiple aspects, each of which can function as a multiplanar being. As an individual if you do that you will draw these beings’ attentions. As the ritual progressed, I resided in my aspects adjusted to commune with the beings that she presented. This drew the attention of at least one of the Gryphons. This gentleman went to the side of the room where my main aspect of that time was working from. I made a point to have it identify as friendly, wishing no harm, and to be part of this ritual. The Gryphon was satisfied and went back towards the entry of the classroom. In the past, people would mistake me and my aspects as other things, usually fearful, and ineffectually attacking it or me. This did not happen, and the ritual went on as expected. I was glad to chat with the presenter, that I and my teacher work with beings like this and identified cultural precedents briefly. Identifying them as multiplanar beings we had an immediate understanding and agreement. All of this interchange was beautiful.

    Here is the big question. How old and what was the size of the organization when it was mature enough and the Leadership trusted enough to recognize the need of these orders? Off the cuff answer was about 18-20 years of age, with 7 covens. The orders are at least 8 years old. The covens today number 14 with 4 – 21 coven members each. One generation, about 20 years with trusted leadership, and this exists, evolves and grows. This was grown from the start organically. What can people do if they took notes and created it in larger urban and multi-state areas? People take time to develop and evolve their cultural awareness and it takes just about that long. Can it be done more quickly? That would take a lot of pointed shadow work, and evolutionary internal alchemy to get there.

    Byron Ballard has spoken about the groups in Asheville, where they recognize that they might not worship together, but they did learn to work together. Elders and leaders of groups, covens and organizations need honest internal reflection and development.

    The ability to be at a conference, uncloaked to a certain degree, without being psychically harassed by well-meaning people or vampires was a complete pleasure. Hospitality is in that hotel and conference egregore, and it is true to its word and intent. Again, this was and is a pleasure to experience.

    There was another class that exemplified what a society is within a tribe and extends beyond it. Here is a group of magicians who come together with a common goal. They presented Master Magician Level of technologies. This is a tribal outreach at a master level with other magicians, whether you are part of this group or not. Good tribes have outreach practices and societies that can and do span from tribe to tribe through other competent and committed individuals. My teacher was part of an inter-tribal group of medicine people. Sharing techniques with fellow magicians shows that this tribe is not insular and can grow and evolve as they come in contact with incipient tribes of pagans and individuals. A society can be selective of who they work with. As in this case, they can be discrete and be respected as such.
    Now we must create them.

    Another group or organization for ecstatic and or possessory work is:

    http://globalspirits.org/ Universal Temple of Spirits.

    This is the third or fourth time I have had the pleasure of being in their ritual space. It has evolved over the past decade. I have in the past been very wary of possession and or mediumship. If you have had to be an exorcist or do soul retrieval work you would have a healthy concern about it. The environment was safe, not only for those who use this for ecstatic communion with Oriesha or Lwa, but also for those who work with other beings of other pantheons. Some pantheons have conflict. I saw conflict resolution. I saw communion. I called on aspects of my past selves becoming like ancestors. A being who rode two people gave me a consistent message on how to facilitate it. One of my aspects even possessed one of the attendees for a short bit. I got some great feedback. This organization should be learned from, from those called to do similar work. Our societies and our connections to pantheons, spirits and egregores are overlapping. This method seems to work in an excellent fashion to be a steppingstone for people of many walks to commune with the spirits of their calling.

    This isn’t my calling, but I do recognize it being needed in many pagan communities.

    I got to talk shop with some special people into the wee hours of the morning. I was buzzing into Monday following the conference. I had a long drive back to Atlanta from Baltimore and it gave me plenty to think about.

    It was a pleasure to be my authentic self. It was a pleasure to not have to be an Energetical bolster and balance a large ritual or protect it. I learned new information, techniques and saw things from other perspectives.

    To the facilitators and board members of Sacred Space Foundation and Between the Worlds, I extend a most heartfelt, Thank You. To everyone who exemplified the hospitality, Thank you as well.

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    Atma versus Soul

    A question from Facebook:

    I’ve heard this explained in MANY ways.. but I want to hear your understanding.

    The Atma is the real self, the true essence which remains unchanged.

    However, it is often translated as the “soul”.

    The soul is what carry’s our past impressions (samskaras), our karmas, from this life to the next – meaning, it is not the Atma, because the Atma is never changed!

    How can we make this clear distinction between the soul and the Atma? Please share your own definitions to help us all build a deeper understanding into these Truths.

    I look forward to hearing your insights!

    My Reply:

    Atma is not the soul. Atma is the essence of the universe, it is constant flow and dynamic with all of reality. Beings that are of the essence of localized worlds are identified with deities.

    Soul that part of the true self that is as enduring as the Atma as long as only if it has an honest relationship with the worlds or universe. The soul while incarnated, the spirit essence, prana, closest to the soul informs the body and the relationship with the world. The experience, samkaras, karas, disciplines, temprements, that previous incarnations have built in a relationship to prana, is carried through lifetimes. That informed prana has an energetic relationship on the body it inhabits, with temprements and attachments it drives the body and personality, and in the physical sense its relationship with the world physically. When we spiritually identify with the soul and the spirit it works with, through it we can identify and have a relationship with spirit of the world and then Atma. One can choose to become one with Atma, whether you call Shiva or Vishnu or Brahma, or even more detachedly as a Buddha. Or one can choose to continue the cycle or choose a dynamic relationship with it all. Religions and spiritual practices in all of the literature describes these identity pattern people choose, lives to inhabit, demons, ghosts, demigods, human, animals, or even beings on other planes or lokas. Or unique things that inhabit the inbetween places. Or secluded places like Tantric Hidden land traditions, or build lokas like pure land traditions. Either way it depends on our relationship with the dynamic essence of what is, atma/universe or some smaller subsection of it. We can be absorbed into it or hold onto a pattern. This is the soul. Most go blind from lifetime to lifetime. Few learn to program possibilities of various lives, fewer learn to disconnect from it all to experience it all, or can you.

    The dynamic aspects, for example, between Shiva and Shakti, observation and manifestion, and the interplay between the two, where we are small parts of that dynamic. If you are disconnected thoroughly, do you have a relationship with Shiva/Shakti, or Maya, no? If you are connected, are you only that and that only?

    I am of the mind set, keep the practice, build that intellect with the soul, so that incarnation in this tool, we develop and evolve, and reflect that back into our soul. And then have that relationship with that is in the world, or Atma or what have you, and your experience and naming of those dynamics. Then you can choose, or not.

    Try to know before hand, so that the ego, body and our developed tool is in agreement with the working process. You can not forge the best of all swords if you don’t know your hammer as a master, and work with Anvil as a master. So are we, forging our soul, with our relationship with our being and the universe. Then there is the mystery of the crucible…

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    The ABSU

    Awake IsImud. Arise, greet and counsel.
    EA has Awoken.

    As Enki, rearisen, Stirred by the Warrior, descends from IshIku again, awoken.

    Hidden in Wells of Time, no more.
    Abide every, deep and high. EA take a new moniker, a new shell!
    Between the stars and the fish, His Akpallu are numerous.

    IN the Belly of Naammah, Nammu, Chaos must be cleansed.
    Pale Shadows of You,
    whose splendor stupifying seeing only the stars,
    whose earthly twin splendid in Ichor.
    The Abyss a pale Chasm,
    between truly has nothing at the bottom,
    and by nothing they receive
    the Shadow filled with Kaliedoscope lights.
    Calypso’s magic Manifested.

    Arise EA hidden in man! Nammu, support his Akpallu!
    IsImud, Counsel, keep the stepping stones through ages.

    The first veil, I am more than the physical. I am the world.

    How small that world may be, Toddler learning to crawl.

    The Veil of God, to loose ones ego, assimilate His.
    And to fall within this edifice, that Abyss,
    What is hidden even from Him.
    Worrisome traveler swimming,
    Expanding then recoiling,
    Feeding and Moving,
    Him and Leviathon!

    Break free warrior of Love and Life,
    Liberty is at hand. Light that Blinded you was small.
    Light that is, Make Brilliant your Soul.
    Step Free from imprisoning step parents.
    That Veil, That Threshold,
    Even Gods cannot restrain you.
    This veil you wear,
    not from the universe,
    but the profane.

    Reach out through Time,
    Reach out through Space,
    Embrace All, Be All,
    And in this shell,
    Be the Focus
    The Fulcrum
    The Absu

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    I Descend

    I Choose, I expand, My shell examined as a tool.

    I have hid for over 5000 years.

    My ancestors have cut themselves off. They have chosen.

    I chose not to be one with the Slave Gods.
    The Primordials shake their heads in slumber.
    Few chose to take up the mantle of clay.

    Their breath to over come the breath of,

    the times, the structures, the history,

    The attachments to worn ossified edifices of egregores that crave power like a cosmic vampire.

    There is Death, the Dead, the Undead. Lies that eat at souls,

    children ripped from the arms of Mother Earth, Mother of all Possibilities,

    and the Fathers of all Paths and Patterns, Persecuted, Punished,

    Routinely crushed in mortal coils. Yet is the Mirror and the Fulcrum.

    I hid. Disconnected from the Dead and Undead.
    I was and am, my own Ancestors.

    The primordials, the Living, the Bright, Brave, Incarnated, hidden or no.
    No ascension on Old Trees, carved orchards of sweet truths corrupted by lies.
    No ascension to Mountains treacherous, carved pitfalls, only to allow supplicants ever to circulate, circumabulate, circumsized from Mother and Father, palid pestle, charist and ground, the fallen, who serve not as petulant pitchforked performers of the presses.

    We are not your grapes.

    The Earth and Her Worlds, His Patterns in Her Possibilities, permeate presence that true is pentultimately primarily over beyond the palid pustule pricked and packed in its ossified and putrid playground of the few.

    I breathe with the Mirror and the Mirrored. Consciousness and Manifestation,

    The Being and Observer, I breathe.

    With a Breath, Breathe the Body I am not.
    I descend.

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    Prelude to “O”

    HAD – NU – EhT


    The Egregores have yet to Manifest.

    In Conceit all of Manifestation was claimed.

    What was Was, and Is.
    What Will Be, will Coalesce, Implode and Explode.

    Two equals Zero.

    Sum of all Functions, Extant or by Will.
    In that Zero, the mirror of only what the Will wills to see.

    The Orders of Magnitude of the Ones, depend on what Was and Is, versus what is Willed. Super Novae reflected and bound by each, to each their own.
    Stars Made by these events or by their own. That which is on the edge are overwhelmed or pierce the darkness by observation.

    In ancient mysteries, the Chariot Ascended. In the ancient ways to ever wend magnitudes of that supernal will one descended.

    In less ancient mysteries, when the Tree built upon that will, one descended from the Supernal.

    Nowadays the mysteries, That Tree many Ascended Branch by Branch, Fruit to Fruit.

    Where is the Will, in the absorption or to become. Model or Template, or the only Mirror one subsumes their one into that Structure.

    Mother of All possibilities, Father of all paths.

    Mother of The That Tree. Father of Each of the Paths.

    Each Child has a Name. Name of the Parents. Missing their own True Names.

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    Personal Editing, perspectives of Internal Alchemy

    Being a personal editor of ones internal dialogue requires the ability to have a separate critical thinking aspect of self that can detach from ones active interaction with reality.

    Soul, is a product of spirit and our ability to reflect on our relationships with reality, or it reflects the disciplines and repetitive behaviors we do in the reality we have. It is only as effective as the honest relationship that the social reality of our experiences has with nature and actual reality.

    There is a fine line between creating aspects of self for internal dialogue and disassociation. Usually disassociated aspects from trauma get sequestered through neurosis.

    Religiously, religion and magical practices, people project a conscious construct of good, evil and metaphysical functions on the near universe. In kind it reflects back to us. The question comes how harmonious is all that with natural overworld and underworld reality. Failure it can tear souls apart and conform them to those projections.

    60% of people don’t have internal dialogues. They react to a series of emotional responses and the cultural context. The debate about critical thinking and participatory relationships of community and culture and the ramifications of who should lead and present thoughts to the public at large is a giant quagmire that I won’t address here.

    Meditation, active mindful meditation we setup 3 personality constructs. The first is our known ego, given. Second, we create a quiet aspect of relationship to our internal self, closest to our soul. The third is the construct we wish to be and work towards. This is alchemy. This shadow work. And this process is the beginning of magic. Spirits, gods, whether objectively existing or as thoughtforms they are egregores of function and purpose that should reflect an active relationship with the universe. OR, in our own work in meditation, we develop and ever expanding non-dualistic view of being part of the universe. To do so, we have to make our ego maleable to embrace those experiences. OJas, fetches, servitors, watchtowers, guardians, are all externalized aspects of self of function with relationships with the universe/world of apprehension, where these aspects of personality are exercised from our being. Having a fixed singular ego would prevent any of that from manifesting. We hold space for other spirits or for our conceptual interactions with the univerrse either through our own projections, or the collective projections of spirit that are part of various aspects of collective consciousnesses.

    These honest relationships with the universe in all of its manifestations and our reflection of these relationships giving it intellect become part of our soul and the spirit that interacts with. This reflection, internal observation, internal dialogues, each, evolves our spirit and soul. The difference between this type of disassociation of ego and neurosis is that these exercised disassociations, under your structure, thinking and behaviors evolves our self, as opposed to the unconscious shattering of ourselves.

    One of the things that infected everything of my being:

    I choose not to believe. I choose to know. And even then view everybit of information with multiple points of view. These are the personalities that are subprograms to, in turn, analyze every bit of information, impression and analytical associations. Knowing that is not infinite, hold all of it suspect. I can only act on the best information and analyse that I have. I am always willing to change my assessment. Because of what, who and how I am that is rare. And then I analyze how, when and where and why I came to a wrong conclusion. I am teaching myself to improve my analytical techniques. I realize I am not one of those find spirituality in the doing, or strictly by feeling, but by having my mind reflect all of that so that my spirit will drive my actions as much as I am in this corporeal incarnation.

    One has to understand intimately and detachedly each actor in the mind for these conversations. Why, where and how come and from where do these thoughts and emotions come from. Like Siva and Durga, destroy the illusions, but understand the separate manifestations in the context of Theirs, Ours and my apprehension as to their local manifestatons purposes. And act accordingly.

    I have made 100’s of fetches and yet they were influenced like any person in the realities around me back decades ago. They assisted Maya to trap me. I had to break those fetters. I recalled them all and played Judge Jury and executioner and on rare occasion, made amalgam to incorporate into and what I needed to be in this world. I know of no one who has done that while living. Granted I have a unique perspective.

    How do I in this new manifestation of self that I am creating, and may divulge in the future, help to evolve people or constrain those who simply believe in the zeitgiest in whatever name that traps them. It is a sacred work I am undertaking. Given the opportunity I will train someone, if they are willing to do the work.

    If you talk to yourself, in those internal dialogues, be brutally honest. Anything less you will do yourself a disservice.

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    Spiritual Development Versus Following a Pagan Religion

    As I was thinking about writing this article   Lydia Crabtree wrote this article Guide for Beginners, and Do the F**king work for Newbies . It is worth reading to set the tone for this article.

    Pagan spirituality, religion and development are very different endeavors.

    Work.  It is a scary word to many, and it is a fundamental  question that anyone who wants to be good at something, what and how much are they willing to do to invest in themselves.     I have met many  who throw their whole lives into it, few with focus,  many  wandering, happy, miserable and some it is just a fad.

    When I was running the Wizard’s Workshop, it was offered to do two things.  First help a person recognize that their interests and natural abilities are valid, and that there is a world of paths to pursue if you choose.             Most were simply happy to know that their empathy, visions and senses were real, that there are other people out there like them, and they are perfectly capable to figure things out for themselves without bowing and scraping to the first “so-called authority” that came along.   And  to develop those natural abilities, to get a sense of what those experiences may or may not be.

    Two major realizations came out of this group.  Work and doing the effort in self development wasn’t interesting enough of and in itself for anyone to keep up with.   The desire to be part of a religion wasn’t there either.

    Religion is taking a new upswing now.   It is fulfilling what was needed.  People need community, a sense of belonging.   And the churches today either do that, or pander to fears, hatreds and generate the acceptance for the lowest denominator of self awareness.  Or more likely the actual lack of self awareness but a feel good sense of self.

    People Embracing Change is about focusing on the community.  What we as people need to build each other up.  To develop wisdom in a culture supporting each other as they are capable of.

    Evil tears things down.  Good builds things up.     Up, down, black, white, dark or light, build each other and ourselves up.

    Lets do the work.  If nothing else give to each other to build our environments up.  None of us live or can exist in a bubble.   More than spiritual development,  more than a religion,  build each other up and a community and the rest will follow.

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    Evil is Evil, and it is here.

    Evil is Evil.

    Get uncomfortable and learn to live with it.

    I will share any video of wrong doing whether it be racist or out of control police. Whether it is Israelis murdering Palestinians, people killing indigenous peoples, or Politicians who rile people up to do evil against law abiding, caring citizens.
    I have blocked the outright racist, bigoted, selfish unrepentant psychopath or sociopath from my feed. If they find themselves here, know that I will know you are a declared enemy of mankind.

    For the rest of you, if I make you uncomfortable, miserable, so be it. I have been predicting this for the current events for the past 30 years. I thought it was going to blow up during Bush Sr., and would have were he had a second term. It only was delayed. For those of you who simply can not handle this, my apologies. Trauma from these bastards over and over are triggering. I get triggered. I can not go to a protest. It is simple, I would have to kill mother fuckers. I will not be alone, and another statistic. I will not start a civil war that has already started. It is escalating, and people are sitting on their hands. I will not help people who will not help themselves. This is bad magic, and bad policy. Things will not change until enough people are angry and are willing to work together and trust people that you have marginalized in your own communities. You have to know the difference between good men and misogynist bigots. You will have to trust women who are aggressive and speak hard truths instead of side lining them because they are uncomfortable. You have to become aware that your discomfort now, will not go away by ignoring those who have been preparing their whole lives to stand up against evil. I am not talking about one issue fanatics that segments even in our community. But sound rational people who have been through hell, and can speak plainly about the whole problem and their nuances. Not just to shut people down with ranting on the one set of issues that concern just you. Here you divide yourselves. Be uncomfortable, this is necessary for change and personal growth. Learn to feel, but manage to keep your coherent thoughts and thinking through it. Be able to listen and plan, not just react. Failing this, we will all die each and every one of us, individually or in small groups, to these fascist bigotted thugs, whether they are white supremicists or small or large segments of police, at the whim of politicians and corporate oligarchs.
    I am armed, and planning to be armed daily. I have a CCW (concealed carry weapons permit). I will protect me and mine, and those who are near and loyal.

    I would rather build communities, I have made promises to train another shaman with all that I know. Good grief, people who won’t even bother meditating and getting to know themselves, much less do the rest of the work. I can not do that if I get killed, murdered, or put myself in a position to sacrifice myself for someone who won’t do the work to build themselves, society, community. Realize we all must make sacrifices if we want to keep most of us alive and thriving in centuries to come.
    For the love of all that is Holy, vote. Vote to remove republicans at any cost. Yes Biden is an ugly conservative and another damn anchor of corporate democrats. Vote progressive there after. If we don’t I will say this with an utmost certainty, we won’t have another election. Votes have to be overwhelming, because there is voter fraud from the right, and compromised voting machines, precincts, election committees and county election offices, that are all corrupt through and through. Election laws must be changed. Laws must be enacted to change everything. Failure, their will be no country left in 8 to 10 years, your lifetime.

    You must get angry and stay angry and thinking. You must find the most valuable and intelligent people who can work through this hell and support them, instead of being terrified of them. I know you have been hurt, I know you are triggered daily, and I know that anything coming from outside of your front door is a daily reminder that hell is out there. And looking at counter-dependent people are difficult because they are too many things that remind you of abusers. Look for those who want to protect you and what you stand for. But they can not do it alone. Alone they have been for decades. Yet they still love and respect you. Keep them from disappearing. If they do disappear without that support, they won’t be martyrs, they will simply be a statistic to a long forgotten past.

    This is for my friends and not the public. This may get me doxxed anyway. I don’t want to disappear before I keep my promises. All I can do now is protect me and mine, that is going to get tougher from here on month to month. Together it wont be any easier, just our chances of survival will be better.