Evil is Evil, and it is here.

Evil is Evil.

Get uncomfortable and learn to live with it.

I will share any video of wrong doing whether it be racist or out of control police. Whether it is Israelis murdering Palestinians, people killing indigenous peoples, or Politicians who rile people up to do evil against law abiding, caring citizens.
I have blocked the outright racist, bigoted, selfish unrepentant psychopath or sociopath from my feed. If they find themselves here, know that I will know you are a declared enemy of mankind.

For the rest of you, if I make you uncomfortable, miserable, so be it. I have been predicting this for the current events for the past 30 years. I thought it was going to blow up during Bush Sr., and would have were he had a second term. It only was delayed. For those of you who simply can not handle this, my apologies. Trauma from these bastards over and over are triggering. I get triggered. I can not go to a protest. It is simple, I would have to kill mother fuckers. I will not be alone, and another statistic. I will not start a civil war that has already started. It is escalating, and people are sitting on their hands. I will not help people who will not help themselves. This is bad magic, and bad policy. Things will not change until enough people are angry and are willing to work together and trust people that you have marginalized in your own communities. You have to know the difference between good men and misogynist bigots. You will have to trust women who are aggressive and speak hard truths instead of side lining them because they are uncomfortable. You have to become aware that your discomfort now, will not go away by ignoring those who have been preparing their whole lives to stand up against evil. I am not talking about one issue fanatics that segments even in our community. But sound rational people who have been through hell, and can speak plainly about the whole problem and their nuances. Not just to shut people down with ranting on the one set of issues that concern just you. Here you divide yourselves. Be uncomfortable, this is necessary for change and personal growth. Learn to feel, but manage to keep your coherent thoughts and thinking through it. Be able to listen and plan, not just react. Failing this, we will all die each and every one of us, individually or in small groups, to these fascist bigotted thugs, whether they are white supremicists or small or large segments of police, at the whim of politicians and corporate oligarchs.
I am armed, and planning to be armed daily. I have a CCW (concealed carry weapons permit). I will protect me and mine, and those who are near and loyal.

I would rather build communities, I have made promises to train another shaman with all that I know. Good grief, people who won’t even bother meditating and getting to know themselves, much less do the rest of the work. I can not do that if I get killed, murdered, or put myself in a position to sacrifice myself for someone who won’t do the work to build themselves, society, community. Realize we all must make sacrifices if we want to keep most of us alive and thriving in centuries to come.
For the love of all that is Holy, vote. Vote to remove republicans at any cost. Yes Biden is an ugly conservative and another damn anchor of corporate democrats. Vote progressive there after. If we don’t I will say this with an utmost certainty, we won’t have another election. Votes have to be overwhelming, because there is voter fraud from the right, and compromised voting machines, precincts, election committees and county election offices, that are all corrupt through and through. Election laws must be changed. Laws must be enacted to change everything. Failure, their will be no country left in 8 to 10 years, your lifetime.

You must get angry and stay angry and thinking. You must find the most valuable and intelligent people who can work through this hell and support them, instead of being terrified of them. I know you have been hurt, I know you are triggered daily, and I know that anything coming from outside of your front door is a daily reminder that hell is out there. And looking at counter-dependent people are difficult because they are too many things that remind you of abusers. Look for those who want to protect you and what you stand for. But they can not do it alone. Alone they have been for decades. Yet they still love and respect you. Keep them from disappearing. If they do disappear without that support, they won’t be martyrs, they will simply be a statistic to a long forgotten past.

This is for my friends and not the public. This may get me doxxed anyway. I don’t want to disappear before I keep my promises. All I can do now is protect me and mine, that is going to get tougher from here on month to month. Together it wont be any easier, just our chances of survival will be better.

He started have supernatural experiences when he was 2. His grandfather, who passed 2 weeks earlier, came back to say good bye when he was 7. AT 14 Bill did a 40-day progressive fast to ask for the wisdom of Solomon. These and many other experiences made up in him a passion to study and develop psychic skills, understand magic and practices from around the world. He was apprenticed to a shaman with various formal indigenous practices and much more. He was not taught any indigenous practices that are cultural. His teacher was glad to have him for finishing school. Bill facilitated, in Albany, NY, the Wizard's Workshop bimonthly meetings on psychic development. He has been a professional psychic, and a resource for RPI Student Pagan club. He has taught classes at Ecumenicon, several Pagan Gatherings and Mystic South which include: meditation, Energy Management, Defense against the Dark arts, Spiritual Healing, energy with materials. He is a founder and elder of People Embracing Change. https://linktr.ee/archonstone

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