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    Liberation or Kundalini

    The question:

    Thank you David:

    I think one of the reasons that concepts like ‘Liberation’ don’t get a lot of air time, focus or deliberation, is because most people simply can’t conceive the implications of such a state and so give little consideration to skillful means to attain the same. How is it that Kundalini then is the more attractive attachment? It’s that damned snake, isn’t it…

    My Answer:

    Conception of liberation, versus a constant interactive reality, which people are used to.

    Kundalini in the most esoteric sense, and the tantric detachment is a good spiritual tool for this and the next lifetime. Granted the secular conception of kundalini is still all about now. Bliss for now, versus the bliss in consciousness with the all, which is easier to attain.

    While living attainment of liberation, is it bliss or awaiting the last detachment? Kundalini, good or bad, is a practice and a habit that the ego can assess some sort of achievement. As opposed to the attainment of nothing.

    In liberation, is it a nothing, or is it absorption? It can be either. Both states are equally unfathomable, and the repercussions of living in a world where not fed at a monastery, is severe. Then as ever it becomes a philosophy of living in these constructs. Teachers and gurus are helpful here. Yet, then there is an attachment of teacher, and maybe a community.

    Moments with liberation from different attitudes and directions, yet, what and how do I do here? Kriyas, yoga, fine tuning our energetic relationship through the physical tool of this incarnation, why? You can add to your spiritual being. Does this help absorption, no, it creates spiritual identity and ego and or karma. Does it help Liberation, then to what end. The Hidden land tradition, they have not achieve liberation although it is described as such. What overworld in nature, that is unscathed by human spirit and consciousness, only achieves spiritual hermitage, yes? Escape Maya, where one has agency in their placement in life? And, Kundalini is helpful there, is that escape, no not really.

    One can rip their soul from reality, yet the universe and lifetimes of interactions reflect it’s attachment to you. I was in horror, and the ownership of that destiny and choice less of a horror, but it was a truth to live with. The circumstances of my existence was not bliss. Being flown in life as flotsam and jetsam, lends no credability nor comfort, unless you are born a prince, and given defference even as poor mendicant ascetic. The mortal incarnation caught in the eddies of existence, does it make more tolerable, no. Does it give you more agency, a little bit. Is there comfort in observation on that edge Citta and shakti, consciousness and manifestation, a little. Dance between Shakti and Maya, there is little wiggle room. Attitude, and temprement, can help you improve your outlook, find wiggle room here and there. There Kundalini and the Siddhis redefine your being to give you better leverage now and in the hereafter. Liberation you get the big picture, and you choose what to work for, with the energetic work for your soul.

    Like anything it is never one or the other, it is always both and everything, there is the lever and the fulcrum, without one the other is useless. AS the caveman philosopher asked what is better, stick or stone, he that evolved said both.

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    Atma versus Soul

    A question from Facebook:

    I’ve heard this explained in MANY ways.. but I want to hear your understanding.

    The Atma is the real self, the true essence which remains unchanged.

    However, it is often translated as the “soul”.

    The soul is what carry’s our past impressions (samskaras), our karmas, from this life to the next – meaning, it is not the Atma, because the Atma is never changed!

    How can we make this clear distinction between the soul and the Atma? Please share your own definitions to help us all build a deeper understanding into these Truths.

    I look forward to hearing your insights!

    My Reply:

    Atma is not the soul. Atma is the essence of the universe, it is constant flow and dynamic with all of reality. Beings that are of the essence of localized worlds are identified with deities.

    Soul that part of the true self that is as enduring as the Atma as long as only if it has an honest relationship with the worlds or universe. The soul while incarnated, the spirit essence, prana, closest to the soul informs the body and the relationship with the world. The experience, samkaras, karas, disciplines, temprements, that previous incarnations have built in a relationship to prana, is carried through lifetimes. That informed prana has an energetic relationship on the body it inhabits, with temprements and attachments it drives the body and personality, and in the physical sense its relationship with the world physically. When we spiritually identify with the soul and the spirit it works with, through it we can identify and have a relationship with spirit of the world and then Atma. One can choose to become one with Atma, whether you call Shiva or Vishnu or Brahma, or even more detachedly as a Buddha. Or one can choose to continue the cycle or choose a dynamic relationship with it all. Religions and spiritual practices in all of the literature describes these identity pattern people choose, lives to inhabit, demons, ghosts, demigods, human, animals, or even beings on other planes or lokas. Or unique things that inhabit the inbetween places. Or secluded places like Tantric Hidden land traditions, or build lokas like pure land traditions. Either way it depends on our relationship with the dynamic essence of what is, atma/universe or some smaller subsection of it. We can be absorbed into it or hold onto a pattern. This is the soul. Most go blind from lifetime to lifetime. Few learn to program possibilities of various lives, fewer learn to disconnect from it all to experience it all, or can you.

    The dynamic aspects, for example, between Shiva and Shakti, observation and manifestion, and the interplay between the two, where we are small parts of that dynamic. If you are disconnected thoroughly, do you have a relationship with Shiva/Shakti, or Maya, no? If you are connected, are you only that and that only?

    I am of the mind set, keep the practice, build that intellect with the soul, so that incarnation in this tool, we develop and evolve, and reflect that back into our soul. And then have that relationship with that is in the world, or Atma or what have you, and your experience and naming of those dynamics. Then you can choose, or not.

    Try to know before hand, so that the ego, body and our developed tool is in agreement with the working process. You can not forge the best of all swords if you don’t know your hammer as a master, and work with Anvil as a master. So are we, forging our soul, with our relationship with our being and the universe. Then there is the mystery of the crucible…

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    The ABSU

    Awake IsImud. Arise, greet and counsel.
    EA has Awoken.

    As Enki, rearisen, Stirred by the Warrior, descends from IshIku again, awoken.

    Hidden in Wells of Time, no more.
    Abide every, deep and high. EA take a new moniker, a new shell!
    Between the stars and the fish, His Akpallu are numerous.

    IN the Belly of Naammah, Nammu, Chaos must be cleansed.
    Pale Shadows of You,
    whose splendor stupifying seeing only the stars,
    whose earthly twin splendid in Ichor.
    The Abyss a pale Chasm,
    between truly has nothing at the bottom,
    and by nothing they receive
    the Shadow filled with Kaliedoscope lights.
    Calypso’s magic Manifested.

    Arise EA hidden in man! Nammu, support his Akpallu!
    IsImud, Counsel, keep the stepping stones through ages.

    The first veil, I am more than the physical. I am the world.

    How small that world may be, Toddler learning to crawl.

    The Veil of God, to loose ones ego, assimilate His.
    And to fall within this edifice, that Abyss,
    What is hidden even from Him.
    Worrisome traveler swimming,
    Expanding then recoiling,
    Feeding and Moving,
    Him and Leviathon!

    Break free warrior of Love and Life,
    Liberty is at hand. Light that Blinded you was small.
    Light that is, Make Brilliant your Soul.
    Step Free from imprisoning step parents.
    That Veil, That Threshold,
    Even Gods cannot restrain you.
    This veil you wear,
    not from the universe,
    but the profane.

    Reach out through Time,
    Reach out through Space,
    Embrace All, Be All,
    And in this shell,
    Be the Focus
    The Fulcrum
    The Absu

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    I Descend

    I Choose, I expand, My shell examined as a tool.

    I have hid for over 5000 years.

    My ancestors have cut themselves off. They have chosen.

    I chose not to be one with the Slave Gods.
    The Primordials shake their heads in slumber.
    Few chose to take up the mantle of clay.

    Their breath to over come the breath of,

    the times, the structures, the history,

    The attachments to worn ossified edifices of egregores that crave power like a cosmic vampire.

    There is Death, the Dead, the Undead. Lies that eat at souls,

    children ripped from the arms of Mother Earth, Mother of all Possibilities,

    and the Fathers of all Paths and Patterns, Persecuted, Punished,

    Routinely crushed in mortal coils. Yet is the Mirror and the Fulcrum.

    I hid. Disconnected from the Dead and Undead.
    I was and am, my own Ancestors.

    The primordials, the Living, the Bright, Brave, Incarnated, hidden or no.
    No ascension on Old Trees, carved orchards of sweet truths corrupted by lies.
    No ascension to Mountains treacherous, carved pitfalls, only to allow supplicants ever to circulate, circumabulate, circumsized from Mother and Father, palid pestle, charist and ground, the fallen, who serve not as petulant pitchforked performers of the presses.

    We are not your grapes.

    The Earth and Her Worlds, His Patterns in Her Possibilities, permeate presence that true is pentultimately primarily over beyond the palid pustule pricked and packed in its ossified and putrid playground of the few.

    I breathe with the Mirror and the Mirrored. Consciousness and Manifestation,

    The Being and Observer, I breathe.

    With a Breath, Breathe the Body I am not.
    I descend.

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    Prelude to “O”

    HAD – NU – EhT


    The Egregores have yet to Manifest.

    In Conceit all of Manifestation was claimed.

    What was Was, and Is.
    What Will Be, will Coalesce, Implode and Explode.

    Two equals Zero.

    Sum of all Functions, Extant or by Will.
    In that Zero, the mirror of only what the Will wills to see.

    The Orders of Magnitude of the Ones, depend on what Was and Is, versus what is Willed. Super Novae reflected and bound by each, to each their own.
    Stars Made by these events or by their own. That which is on the edge are overwhelmed or pierce the darkness by observation.

    In ancient mysteries, the Chariot Ascended. In the ancient ways to ever wend magnitudes of that supernal will one descended.

    In less ancient mysteries, when the Tree built upon that will, one descended from the Supernal.

    Nowadays the mysteries, That Tree many Ascended Branch by Branch, Fruit to Fruit.

    Where is the Will, in the absorption or to become. Model or Template, or the only Mirror one subsumes their one into that Structure.

    Mother of All possibilities, Father of all paths.

    Mother of The That Tree. Father of Each of the Paths.

    Each Child has a Name. Name of the Parents. Missing their own True Names.

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    The mirror that is not.

    Oh, how the horrors we seduce.

    With flame lips lies that reel in a reality

    that burns the last vestiges of the mind.

    The lips sing of flame and lies, dancing

    in ecstatic cinders.

    The mirror to the world,

    all that is seen is these seductions.

    Each in to dance and play with demons,

    of their own making.

    The daemons of old, Shemayaziqim,

    the iggigi, who sided with people,

    knew too well the seeds were not theirs.

    They knew,

    The father of lies were not among them.