Author, teacher, and speaker on spiritual development, magic and many esoteric subjects.

Archonstone: William Hegeman He started to have supernatural experiences when he was 2. His grandfather, who passed 2 weeks earlier, came back to say good bye when he was 7. These and many other experiences made up in him a passion to study and develop psychic skills, understand magic and practices from around the world. He was apprenticed to a shaman with various formal indigenous practices and much more. He was not taught any indigenous practices that are cultural. His teacher was glad to have him for finishing school. Bill facilitated, in Albany, NY, the Wizard’s Workshop bimonthly meetings on psychic development. He has been a professional psychic , and a resource for RPI Student Pagan club. He has taught classes at Ecumenicon, several Pagan Gatherings and Mystic South which include: meditation, Energy Management, Defense against the Dark arts, Spiritual Healing, energy with materials. He is a founder and elder of People Embracing Change.


Magic without woo. I wrote this in this style because many people didn’t want all the religious, cultural and traditional metaphors that permeate books on magic. The exercises are step-by-step guide on meditation, internal alchemy, getting the mind to massage the ego to be a magician. Moreover prepare the person with questions and exercises to make the ego work with the body, emotion, spirit and soul. Make the ego evolve , and use the body to forge the inner spirit to work with all of the universe, and imprint this on the soul for many lifetimes. It is broken into sections of natural magic, preternatural magic, paranormal then supernatural magic. Natural magic I don’t repeat what is in every beginners magic of everything. It is the questions and approaches to each of them that Is spoken to. Preternatural magic is about the meditation, yoga, Kriya and chi gong methods . All the while doing shadow work and self mastery to change personality and behaviors evolving the ego to work with spirit and soul. Paranormal magic along with basic magical practices but to include exercises to prep for Astral projection, travel, lucid dreaming and develop control and memory. How to build Astral bodies to explore planes and how to integrate those experiences. Then what about the woo… what it is, why it is, and and layout options to understand before committing to a path or a tradition. Preparing people to be adepts before they choose a path. “Life is a lot like that cake, you never know what is in it until you take bite. Then of course it is too late.” Merlin from Excalibur. Get the recipe first.

Archonstone: William Hegeman is available depending on schedule and distance, in person or online within reason. I’ll be available for speaking engagements, classes, book signings, spirit healings, spirit removals, house clearings, weddings and training.