Prelude to “O”

HAD – NU – EhT


The Egregores have yet to Manifest.

In Conceit all of Manifestation was claimed.

What was Was, and Is.
What Will Be, will Coalesce, Implode and Explode.

Two equals Zero.

Sum of all Functions, Extant or by Will.
In that Zero, the mirror of only what the Will wills to see.

The Orders of Magnitude of the Ones, depend on what Was and Is, versus what is Willed. Super Novae reflected and bound by each, to each their own.
Stars Made by these events or by their own. That which is on the edge are overwhelmed or pierce the darkness by observation.

In ancient mysteries, the Chariot Ascended. In the ancient ways to ever wend magnitudes of that supernal will one descended.

In less ancient mysteries, when the Tree built upon that will, one descended from the Supernal.

Nowadays the mysteries, That Tree many Ascended Branch by Branch, Fruit to Fruit.

Where is the Will, in the absorption or to become. Model or Template, or the only Mirror one subsumes their one into that Structure.

Mother of All possibilities, Father of all paths.

Mother of The That Tree. Father of Each of the Paths.

Each Child has a Name. Name of the Parents. Missing their own True Names.

He started have supernatural experiences when he was 2. His grandfather, who passed 2 weeks earlier, came back to say good bye when he was 7. AT 14 Bill did a 40-day progressive fast to ask for the wisdom of Solomon. These and many other experiences made up in him a passion to study and develop psychic skills, understand magic and practices from around the world. He was apprenticed to a shaman with various formal indigenous practices and much more. He was not taught any indigenous practices that are cultural. His teacher was glad to have him for finishing school. Bill facilitated, in Albany, NY, the Wizard's Workshop bimonthly meetings on psychic development. He has been a professional psychic, and a resource for RPI Student Pagan club. He has taught classes at Ecumenicon, several Pagan Gatherings and Mystic South which include: meditation, Energy Management, Defense against the Dark arts, Spiritual Healing, energy with materials. He is a founder and elder of People Embracing Change. https://linktr.ee/archonstone

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