Other Work

Whether it is insight, magical insight or counseling, energetic healings, or something else in the realm of spirit, do consider having me as some one in your corner, standing with you, with what you may face.

Even if it is yourself.

All Medical or Psychiatric issues I am not qualified to speak on or help with. I’ll be the first one to recommend Medical, Psychiatric or Psychological Counseling. Many times I will highly recommend a client to seek qualified Medical and or Psychiatric professionals for help.

Health and your Mind, you will be responsible to work with professionals to help you on your journey to health, or at least a manageable balance in your life.

I can work with the spirit and energetic. I can do some energetic healings. Without your effort to work with your mind, emotions and the traumas that you have, most energetic healings will never be helpful. It will only delay the inevitable.