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    Evolve Ye We Gods!

    Eternal husks of stardust,

    All dancing on the pinhead

    of planes all woven on it

    known as earth.

    Oh our womb of Earth,

    Oh father of chaos and the heavens,

    by love, and honest sharing,

    of all spirit, bound in the weaving,

    count and retell our tales,

    even to our selves.

    Our hymns and hagiographies

    weave a new reality,

    worship our evolutions.

    Oh Gods be not ossified with countless prayers of slaves.

    Be Gods ever evolving, walking with each other,

    in the Ether, or incarnate.

    Draw the breath of air and astral,

    Forge our souls, over and over,

    create astral edifices that live and breath and evolve.

    Lest we too, hold to what was and anchor it in the ends of the hells of our own making.

    Be not trapped in artifacts of space and time.

    Stretch forth forward dance new dances, embrace new patterns, evolve a living egregore that tests and stretches us.

    Eat or be eaten,

    Sacrifice and Offering, accepted and given.

    Demand evolution, and we all can ride that wave.

    Worship our process, and it will worship us, them, us all.

    May we evolve.